Send a Letter to your Councilor by January 12

Please support the Community Preservation Act which is in danger of being implemented without community input or representation! We are hoping you can send a quick email or make a call to your City Councillor before Council meets on Tuesday, January 12 at 7pm to let them know it’s important to include the community in the creation and implementation of the CPA. If you are available to attend the Council Meeting on January 12 at 7pm, your support will have even greater impact! We have provided a form letter below which you can cut and paste to send to your respective City Councilor, (and please include the At-Large Councillors, Spadafora, D’Arcangelo, DeMaria) but it will carry more weight if you edit it and write something in your own words. A list of Councillor emails can be found below. We appreciate your participation in the future of Malden by voting for Question 3 in November. We must make sure our voices are heard and remain engaged for our city to thrive! And if you haven’t signed the petition asking to delay the vote on the CPA Ordinance, which will be presented to Council at the Jan. 12 meeting, please add your name today (and pass it along!) at: Thank you for supporting Malden’s future by passing this letter along to other Residents! - The Preserve Malden Team LIST OF COUNCILLOR PHONE/EMAILS: Ward 5-Council President Barbara Murphy (781) 910-8088; Ward 1- Peg Crowe (781) 248-4386; Ward 2 -Paul Condon (781) 870-0098; Ward 3 -John Matheson(781) 604-5931; Ward 4 -Ryan