We are looking for volunteers to do the following:

  1. Go to Malden events to speak with voters and distribute Flyers (forthcoming)
  2. Visit groups such as Seniors at the housing sites on Pearl St., Mountain Ave., Salem St. and Sylvan St. Etc.,
  3. Stand at heavily traveled areas such as Malden Square, Stop & Shop Charles St., Post Office, Immigrant Learning Center (with translator) to explain CPA
  4. Assist with translation of materials
  5. Speak to neighbors and co-workers, club members to distribute Flyers
  6. Contact voters in your Ward
  7. Assist with writing educational materials
  8. Be present on November 3d to hold “Vote Yes on # 3” signs and answer questions
  9. Find other friends to help volunteer
  10. Post signs at designated locations/bulletin boards Dee

We welcome your help! It is a wonderful community of folks eager to see Malden thrive! If you are interested in volunteering, please complete this form.

And don’t forget to join our Google Group – an important way to stay connected and communicate.