Thanks to the hard work of a team of idealists, pragmatists, nature lovers, people lovers, and individuals who want to protect our past and enhance our future, we were able to pass the CPA into legislation in Malden. This is a victory that is sweet for what it means for Malden’s future. It is also sweet because it means our engagement makes a difference!!!!!!!!

So now we can start to plug in to the process of what it means to have the CPA here in terms of process, our role as residents, and what we should expect!

Next steps, to implement the CPA include:

  • City to collect CPA surcharge starting with July 1, 2016 tax bill
  • City Council needs to adopt ordinance to create Community Preservation Committee, subject to approval by Mayor
  • Community Preservation Committee (CPC) members selected according to ordinance
  • CPC gathers project proposals and meets to determine which projects to submit for approval; can request bonding against CPA funds
  • CPA projects and operating budget (up to 5% of funds) submitted to Mayor for inclusion in budget (CPA fund is separate from general fund)
  • City Council determines whether to approve projects
  • Best to use CPA funds to leverage grants and other public and private funding