Updated after a successful campaign and a win for Malden.

We are dedicated to helping Malden thrive by supporting the community and city leaders to embrace and implement the Community Preservation (CPA) now that it has passed in Malden.

The Commonwealth’s Community Preservation Act (CPA) is a Government matched annual Fund dedicated solely for acquiring and improving playing fields and green space (like the community bike path and Green St Park) throughout our city, building and repairing community housing for seniors and lower income residents and preserving historic sites (like Malden Public Library) and monuments (like Bell Rock) from development and decay.

We now join surrounding communities like Somerville, Cambridge and Arlington and can take advantage of a sizable contribution from the Commonwealth to improve our communities and quality of life.

We voted yes on Question 3 and will now adopt the Community Preservation Act, a source of millions of dollars for Malden preservation and development projects over the years funding that’s targeted specifically for local projects that often get overlooked, or even worse, cut out, by the annual government budgets that will enhance the quality of life for our residents for years to come and make Malden an even better place to live.

We passed it by 1200 votes!!!! Let the good work begin!